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[OnsenOppai] Isekai no Yu; Isekai Onsen Paradise 1-6 Uncensored (720p,AAC,2.0,Eng Sub)

2024-02-17 23:45 UTC
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Sources: Video & Audio (1-6): [Toxicos - [極彩花夢] 异世界温泉开拓记 ~40岁左右温泉迷转生到悠闲温泉天国~ / Isekai Onsen Paradise [720P][WEB-DL][Premium]](https://nyaa.iss.one/user/Toxicos?f=0&c=1_4&q=Isekai+Onsen+Paradise) Subs & Timing (1-5): [Philo - [FckDubs] Isekai no Yu [EN Subs][h264][1080p]](https://nyaa.iss.one/user/Philo?f=0&c=1_2&q=Isekai+no+Yu) Fonts, Style & OP Subs/Karaoke (1-6) : [Philo - [FckDubs] Isekai no Yu - S01E05 [CENSORED][EN Subs][h264][1080p]](https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1776023) Timing (6): [[HS] Isekai no Yu - Isekai Onsen Paradise - 06 [720p][Uncensored][Sub ITA OPPAI EDITION/JAP]](https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1778490) Subs (6): Me. Used episode 5 as a template to copy the font & styles so all the episodes would match. Copied the OP subs from episode 5 to all other episodes. Made minor changes to the subs for spelling, grammar & name consistency. Adjusted sub locations as needed to make sure they didn't interfere with the "PLOT". I am terrible at translation, but since no one else has done English subs for episode 6 yet, I figured I'd give it a shot. Edit: Looks like I may have messed up the fonts? I don't do releases on a regular basis, so this is a learning experience for me. Everything looked how I expected it to in Aegisub and also looked right on playback in MPV after muxing the .ass to the video in MKVToolNix. If someone can comment on what I did wrong and how to do it right in future releases (or a link to a guide), I would appreciate it. Even if the formatting isn't quite right the important part is that we have English subs on the uncensored video, isn't it?

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  • [OnsenOppai] Isekai no Yu; Isekai Onsen Paradise 1-6 Uncensored (720p,AAC,2.0,Eng Sub)
    • [OnsenOppai] Isekai Onsen Paradise - S01E01 - Fox Girl and Hot Spring Etiquette (1280x720,AAC,2.0) [14760B90].mkv (244.4 MiB)
    • [OnsenOppai] Isekai Onsen Paradise - S01E02 - Elf Girl and the Breach of Etiquette (1280x720,AAC,2.0) [3DBE2AF1].mkv (256.5 MiB)
    • [OnsenOppai] Isekai Onsen Paradise - S01E03 - People of the Forest and the Botanical Hot Spring (1280x720,AAC,2.0) [69F9FF40].mkv (259.0 MiB)
    • [OnsenOppai] Isekai Onsen Paradise - S01E04 - The Elf Chief and the Cursed Spring (1280x720,AAC,2.0) [BB985C16].mkv (92.9 MiB)
    • [OnsenOppai] Isekai Onsen Paradise - S01E05 - Bless Our Forest (1280x720,AAC,2.0) [4152C7DC].mkv (94.9 MiB)
    • [OnsenOppai] Isekai Onsen Paradise - S01E06 - A Bright Idea and the Benefits of Hot Springs (1280x720,AAC,2.0) [D9E59679].mkv (93.4 MiB)
Well, since you obviously don't know how that part of muxing works, you just copied the fonts over from the FckDubs releases. Meaning 1-4 are missing some fonts because styling from 5 was copied back to 1-4, 5 is missing all fonts because they were left out of the original FckDubs release as well (I commented as much on that torrent at the time), and 6 is missing all fonts because you didn't have any previous release to copy from to begin with.
Nice, thanks for the subs with the uncensored episodes.
Easy fix for this without muxing the missing files individually here would be to just install these on the Windows system. [Missing fonts for episodes 1-6](https://gofile.io/d/z0tfwu)