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[SubsPlease] Spice and Wolf (2024) - 01 (1080p) [993E240D].mkv

2024-04-02 00:42 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Spice and Wolf (2024) - 01 (1080p) [993E240D].mkv (1.4 GiB)
thx, kinda random seeing this back after so long
I finished this anime 12 years ago bruh
@smilelele this is a new season dude
new season? it's not a remaster?
It's a reboot. Holo looks a bit more like in the book illustrations, but the voice actors seem to be the same. I certainly hope that all story arc will be dealt with properly. All hail the tail!
it is a remake.....altho some parts are missing from the old series, and the added Holos's kid, which appears partially for few seconds, i guess they will tease with that the whole time.
the most soulless rendition of holo to exist and the violet evergarden treatment...... world's fucking done for
It clearly said Horo, not Holo, fucking idiot translators.I hope someone will correct it.
@martinxk extract the sub fire from the mkv, open the sub in text editor and reprace all the L's with R's (rowercase) to get the semi-japanese subtitre experience
@martinxk Stop talking out your ass, it's Japanese 101 that they don't really have sounds for L and R
@martinxk Her name isn't 'Horo' it is literally Holo you blithering retard
@subsplease will u upload Bartender: Kami no Glass ?
Whilst it does follow the LN more closely, I honestly prefer the more grounded look of 2000s anime and the fact they were more faithful in regards to the style is a downgrade imo. But, if this follows the story more closely and is a complete adaptation I can't complain too much.