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[MTBB] Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season - 01 (WEB 1080p)

2024-07-10 00:39 UTC
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[Monogatari Series: Off & Monster Season](https://myanimelist.net/anime/57864/Monogatari_Series__Off___Monster_Season) **TL**: Aniplex **TLC**: Vale **Typesetting**: witchymary, motbob **Other stuff**: motbob There is an alternate honorifics track in this release. Set your media player to play “enm” language tracks by default to automatically play honorifics tracks. Please leave feedback in the comments, good or bad. Please read this short [playback guide](https://gist.github.com/motbob/754c24d5cd381334bb64b93581781a81) if you want to know how to make the video and subtitles of this release look better. **Anyone wanting to do their own release is free to use any part of this torrent without permission or credit.**

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  • [MTBB] Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season - 01 (WEB 1080p) [AA8DCB10].mkv (1.8 GiB)
nice [Comparison between Aniplex and MTBB](https://www.diffchecker.com/XMbxRcQb/)
Thank You. I was waiting for your release.
[information pending]
tfw there aren't any translators insane enough to translate monogatari anymore
And when the fansubbing world needed Jaka the most. He vanished
Thank you! I will say it here too. This release is a miracle. You should appreciate it.
Vale TLC'ing the series he should've been doing with MTBB all along instead of dogshit Commie. Based af.
nice (Thank you)
webdl supremacy
finally gatari is watchable again
I prefer my gataris to be of the katana variety
Arigatou Gojaimasu
Are you doing oshi no ko this season?